Well They need their freedom – as much as we need love

Well They need their freedom – as much as we need love

Though I didn’t know she was in love with me that time and for some misunderstanding we got separated

The geminies I know is warm, intelligent, curious and makes fun around and laugh all the time! Never run out of topics, and all the fun? Love em.

BTW.. my hubby and i will celebrate 7 year on st. patricks day… he’s a wild one.. gorgeous and egotistical.. and it actually tames my possessive gene.. lol.. its not always 50/5- .. sometimes .. but we’re always working.. even if it means.. shutting up.. hubby and i turned to ‘swinging’.. it works for both of us.. yet we can’t get enough of eachother.. i’m happy with or without.. but can’t live without it to see my gemini that happy.. i love my gemini who spoils me in EVERY way.. I can’t stand to be apart from him a day.. he is truly my best friend.. three spouses between us and we finally figured it out. its got a lot of FIRE.. we play hard and fight hard.. but we are the best of friends and the best lovers we know.. and have ever had.. this just worked for us.. thanks for reading.

I know many years passed out, a lot thing changed but still would say, I really really truly love her like as I did earlier and I’ll do it

oh my GOD.. He’s my Gemini REBEL stud muffin and i’m his Lioness Goddess… this is spot on.. even in spots i woudn’t care to admit.. but wow.. i was blown away.. My hubby who doesn’t get into this, is blown away as well. We’re gonna read this later tonight.. I must say that I am BLOWN away.. This actually helps us to understand eachother and that it’s OKAY.. and expected due to our signs.. WOW.. Thanks

I’m a Gemini guy and know my Leo girl when I was in high school about 12 years ago. Met her in a wedding and became really close very quickly, after few days later I realised I’m in love with her madly but couldn’t tell this to her. After a year later I couldn’t get her out from my mind and wanted her badly in my life but found out she is with someone. Then also I waited for her and hoped she would come someday but after 6 year later she got married and had child and I also left the country after few years. I wanted a new start in my new life and after 10 years of knowing her I fall in again with another girl. Though the relationship didn’t last long more than few months and my Leo woman was still in my mind. So, I found out her in social network and started having conversation and finally we meet again after 11 years later in person. Now it’s been 12 year since I know her but still I want to say today that still I love her madly. I believe everyone get a true love once in their life. Really want her in my life even if after many year ….

I must say, theres alot of gemini bashing that goes on in these forum’s and I’m wont to stand for any of it anymore lol. First off, YOU leos come off as SUPER easy. It’s seems like all you really need to do to get a leo woman to get with you is feed her some ego snacks and BAMME!. And I’m speaking from experience here. The more I get into astrology, the more I understand why you guys are like that. I guess it’s the whole passionate lion jungle queesn thing. Before, I thought all leo women where super sluts. Like jennifer lopez who went through a phase where she was getting with mad dudes i guess in her search for love. Nooow, put your self in my shoes…i’m the sign that thinks about and analyzes everything. If you have my private parts in your mouth within the first hour of meeting you or we’re having sex within the first thirty minutes of meeting, and you start texting and calling me like we bout to get into a relationship?C’MON. And you know I told my friends now. After we lily with you, not after those experience’s which has happened to me enough times for me to notice there’s a pattern here. OKAY…unfaithful, liar and cheats…NOW, no sex drive. C’MON… First off I feel sorry for the guy up there that was only having sex with his leo girl two to three times a week to zero times a month. I bet all the money in my bank account she was cheating on you that whole month bro. I wish she would have just broke up with you instead of cheating cause that sucks. You prolly have a capricorn moon or something. I was once with a leo chick with a capricorn moon and her sex drive was GARBAGE. She was in my acting class, didn’t she like me until we where rehersing together in my aprtment and within 45 minutes we where kissing and I was tryna get her top off but she wouldn’t let me. This went on for weeks until I lost interest, i’m sure feels like alot of you here. My guess is the leos that are on here complaining are creating the drama you’re complaining about subconsciously. Cause its true, you looooooove drama. You do, you do, you do. But I still love you, i guess that how you keep your fire burning or something. Anyways, when dealing with a gemini, watch your actions cause we’re analyzing that shit.


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