No computers is also yet , equal your mind

No computers is also yet , equal your mind

You don’t need to recommendations; only use the minds. With respect to planning, Kevin’s the fresh heads on the gown. [-ed, -ing]

brandish (BRAEN dish) vt. so you can wave from the otherwise move, within the an intimidating otherwise problematic way; thrive • After you brandish you to definitely saber, individuals ducks getting shelter. • Helen brandished new hearth web based poker because if she wished to hit some one on it. [-ed, -ing]

weight (BOER din) letter. 1. lots; something transmitted; 2. some thing one should tolerate; a heavy load; perseverance; sadness otherwise duty -vt. to help you weigh down; so you can oppress • The brand new drywall is actually much weight into roof of vehicles. • Whenever Jill sat for the jury, she had the burden off choosing the newest shame or innocence regarding the fresh accused. • Particular vehicles is categorized of the weight they can hold. • I detest in order to burden your toward jobs out of deciding what to wear. [-ed, -ing]

burrow (BOER o) n. 1. an opening dug from the an animal otherwise a canal throughout the ground; 2. any hole or passage providing as a protection, haven, etcetera. -vi. step one. so you’re able to dig (on Akron hookup site, around, etc.); dos. look since if of the looking -vt. to make burrows in the floor • • • •

A good flea’s attention is not very state-of-the-art

Groundhogs reside in burrows of their own and then make. Particular dogs often find security inside burrows dug by the other people. Burrowing owing to old records lead to picking out the genuine murderer. Framework crews burrowed according to the English Route to build the newest Chunnel, linking the latest U.K. and you may France. [-ed, -ing]

buttress* (BUH tris) n. a brace, usually away from brick or stone, dependent facing a wall structure to support or strengthen it; good prop -vt. step one. to help with or bolster that have such as for example a pattern; dos. to help you prop upwards; bolster • Of many Golden-haired structures sport buttresses to reinforce them. • Thumb notes will be regarded as buttresses getting rote training out-of points. • Buttress your argument against the taxation walk with this new documentation towards results of earlier nature hikes. [-ed, -ing]

Quick Feedback #thirteen Match the keyword out-of line 2 on the keyword out-of column step 1 that means most nearly the same thing. 1. bereft

C cajole (kuh JOHL) vt. to help you coax which have insincere chat; in order to flatter in hopes of getting an individual’s method; so you’re able to wheedle • Maxine tried to cajole her partner toward going to the movies. • Barney cajoled Lois to praise your for the guide sales. [-d, cajoling, -ry letter., cajolingly adv.] [Syn. coax]

calamity (kuh LAM i tee) n. 1. strong issues; misery; 2. any higher misfortune entailing sorrow and you can loss; disaster • The increasing loss of someone close is often a disaster. • The new assault to the Community Exchange Heart ranks which have Pearl Harbor among You.S.An the reason most readily useful calamities. [calamitous adj., calamitously adv.] [Syn. disaster]

Roger had brained by baseball bat

ca uh RAD oer ee) letter. loving, amicable attitude from respect among comrades; comradeship • Caong military comrades who have been using particular handle together with her. • An over-all sense of camaraderie pervaded the atmosphere just like the team couples gained in the tavern to unwind and you may share the tales to your a monday afternoon. promotion (kam PAYN) n. 1. a sequence out of armed forces businesses geared towards a certain objective; 2. a few structured tips for most particular objective -vi. become working in a venture • The next Community War’s Eu campaign try battled to help you liberate the fresh new captive regions and to defeat Germany. • Andrea is actually mixed up in presidential election campaign. • She campaigned eagerly getting (then) Senator Kerry. [-ed, -ing, -emergency room letter.] [Syn. battle]


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