Waller commands Deadshot to help you assassinate Harley, but he misses the newest take to while you are Harley climbs up to speed and escapes together with her spouse

Waller commands Deadshot to help you assassinate Harley, but he misses the newest take to while you are Harley climbs up to speed and escapes together with her spouse

Escorting Waller so you can a roof getting extraction, this new team is suddenly attempt abreast of by Joker with his men who have hijacked the chopper supposed to transportation Waller. Harley abandons the brand new team and you may tends to make this lady answer to the fresh wishing chopper, far with the surprise of your own squad. She shares a happy reunion having Joker and they kiss before Waller’s men capture along the chopper. Joker attempts to save Harley, however, she sheds of your own burning helicopter and you will countries safely into a building. However, new chopper accidents and you can explodes, seemingly destroying Joker. A beneficial heartbroken Harley rejoins the fresh new group which soon abandon its leader, Rick Banner, once Deadshot discovers the truth about Enchantress away from Waller’s private records.

The group chooses to attend the regional pub and accept which have a glass or two arriving at conditions with how they would be framed towards the Goverment’s errors whenever they do not perish and you can fail the fresh new goal. 

Separation and you may Emancipation regarding Joker

Shortly after one unnecessary breakups between them, Joker eventually has actually an adequate amount of Harley features one of his goons toss the woman from their domestic. Far so you can Harley’s dismay she is actually forced to collect this lady anything and leave. With zero in which more to go Harley goes to somebody who she knows perform let her, Roman Sionis’s Dinah Lance, who prefers to feel entitled “Black colored Canary” or “Canary” and you can confessing one she therefore the Joker broke up certainly the fresh people listen to their and you will thinking about getting their someplace shortly after providing the woman drunker. Immediately after watching their get into potential possibilities Lance chooses to action when you look at the and sounds in the several males and take an intoxicated Harley house, and therefore resulted in Lance bringing a promotion is Roman’s the newest driver.

Some time later once a good roller derby fits, Harley gets products on the derby party however, overhears up coming talking about just how Harley can not handle things without Joker securing the lady and you will she’ll getting crawling back to him, whenever you are one of many professionals attempts to have them provide the woman a spin the remainder don’t believe it that causes Harley so you’re able to toss the new products away and you can steal a truck to spend right up Ace Toxins that Green Singles was supposed to be an announcement regarding Harley claiming “F your” to help you Joker. Ahead of blowing in the plant, Harley remembers when she jumped with the vat to own your and requires one of their jewellery with a beneficial J on it and leaves it of your own vehicle before bouncing aside and you may taking walks from the explosion.

The second day hungover about nights prior to Harley finishes by her favourite morning meal place for a sub before she you are going to get a bite, Investigator Montoya draws around stop their but Harley works from which causes good pursue to occur, just after evading Montoya, a competition roller derby member from some other cluster whose nostrils she bankrupt, the newest brother of your Bruce’s old holder whom Harley got eat before he attempted to build Harley pay for him as a result of intimate sex, and you will Roman’s dated driver, Harley involved to consume the girl sandwich but will lose they immediately following Montoya contact the girl.


Harley once had absolute blonde locks, and therefore later on turned colored one half red plus one half blue (midway right up simply) just after losing towards the an excellent vat regarding acid, as well as insanity. She’s got blue-eyes and you will visibly pale facial skin, that is thrown with tattoos. Most memorable of those tattoos is the phrase Spoiled spelled out round the the girl best cheek, plus a little heart below the lady best vision.

Immediately following splitting up that have Joker she incisions their tresses less with the latest 1 / 2 of red and you will half-blue color still intact just like the information along with her tattoos off Joker’s pet term Puddin entered from. And you will signs and symptoms of J getting Joker crosses out-of or turned into a unique tat.


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